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Rabbit News: Summer (May 22) 2007

SBARC Hamfest August 2007

From: Emmett (
Date: May 22, 2007 18:53:43 PDT
Subject: Rabbit Update [Summer May-Aug 2007]


  • Correction to the date for the Rabbit Pool Party.  
  • It should have been August 18th not the 25!   


    Its that time again! No not taxes, something more important.

    The annual Rabbit Pool Party!!

    As with previous years Rabbit will supply everything including the pool if you are so inclined.

    The date selected is Saturday August 18th and is from 12 Noon to 6 PM. This invitation includes yourself as well your family and others interested in Rabbit Radio.

    Rabbit will supply Hotdogs, Chili, Fresh Vegetables, Soft Drinks, Nacho's and other related stuff. Bring your own favorites if you like. This is a leisurely activity and is purely social.

    See attachment for more information. [missing]

    Ann and I look forward to seeing everyone on the 18th.

  • Please erase the 25th and circle the 18th for the Pool Party.  
  • Hope to see everyone there.    Sorry for the confusion

  • The last 6 months have seen lots of firsts for Rabbit Radio.

  • 1) We became an officially recognized ARRL Amateur Radio Club.   This took a significantly longer time than I expected

  • 2) We purchased Insurance through the ARRL to cover members during Rabbit events Liability insurance is now required by most building/tower owners

  • 3) A few Rabbit members completed a OSHA certification class on Tower Safety sponsored by Cactus Radio Club

    On May 6th Cactus held a OSHA Tower Safety Class. We had 4 attend and complete the class.   Matt Lechliter, Kevin Shute and yours truly completed the Tower Climbing Class and Ann Dunlap completed the Ground Safety Class. [All while depy webmaster was at 9deg by 80 deg, tnx].    All will be receiving a certification card good for 3 years.    This card is now required by most building/tower owners before they will allow you climb their towers.

  • 4) We evaluated and purchased, "Commercial Grade", Kenwood and Icom repeaters    This new crop of Japanese radios are pretty good but are expensive compared to obsolete commercial radios like the Mastr II and MSF5000s [Such words from the master's voice: Good Rice Box /e]

  • 5) We evaluated and purchased a Link Comm "Club" Repeater Controller When we started this task we thought the Club could be a cheaper alternative the Seria Controller or building more COT Controllers. After purchasing our first Club, Link Comm announced their new fully digital controller. See item 6

  • 6) We evaluated and purchased a Link Comm, Digital Signal Processor (DSP-404), Repeater Controller.

  • This new product, appears to have corrected many of the shortcomings of traditional Link Comm Controllers. The DSP-404 includes most of the items we add to a radio to interface them to a Palomar, Link Comm or COT controller. Features like Squelch, CTCSS encode/decode, VoIP, Audio Processing and Remote Control Interface Software. Of course there are drawbacks like cost and the need to rebuild existing radios to take full advantage of the controllers capabilities. The main feature of this controller is, it converts analog received audio, which most controllers use, to the digital domain for routing and processing. The digital information is then converted back to analog domain to modulate the selected transmitter. While this seems complicated its straight forward and is exactly how music is stored on CD's. Like CD's, white noise is reduced, isolation between channels is greatly improved and distortion reduced. For the past 2 years I have considered designing one just like this. Once we integrate the first controller, these features will greatly reduce the time necessary to build a repeater with multiple ports.

    Stay tuned to future Rabbit News letters as we start our integration, install it on a mountain and evaluate it for Cactus compatibility.

    I have selected August 18th [NOT 25th] for our summer get together. Additional details will be sent out about the first of August. In the mean time put a circle on your calendar for this popular event.


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