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From: Emmett Dunlap
Date: December 24, 2007 13:17:43 PST
To: Matt Lechliter, Rick Tate, Doug Stanfield,
Rod Austin, Ron Pariseau, Brad Ormsby,
Chuck Benson II, Ev Batey, Gene Thielman,
Dick Rath
Subject: Temp Radio [TO]

Build Team

Well things didn't go so well at Industrial Metal Supply in Sun Valley. They had the mordacity to close on Christmas Eve. Its still my favorite place to buy metal regardless.

Rather than waste all the gas I decided to stop at Apex Surplus store only 6 blocks away. Yep, its still open and with more stuff than I remember. The isles are still very narrow and congested with shelving 8 to 10 feet tall. I'm surprised they still let people in for safety reasons.

While there I found several things I could use for building the Temporary Repeater like 2.5" threaded steel spacers and Rack Panel handles. The spacers are not as good a solution for mounting the Orion trays as the channel approach but they work! The handles are shallow enough to mount on the power supply and still get the door on the cabinet. I had to remove the original handles because they stuck out too far.

I also picked up the proper Twist-lock 15 Amp connector for the Big Bear radio and some push-in Teflon terminals I will use for a radio test set. As you can see in the attached picture, the Temp radio is starting to take shape.

Have a Merry Christmas


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