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Rabbit Hutch Status May, 2005

  • The height of the tower our antenna is on at Sea Cliff is now 20 feet, up from 10 feet.
  • A poor antenna connector on the repeaters antenna was replaced and new hard-line installed for each of our antennas.
  • The Link antenna was showing a significant amount of oxidation and was replaced at the same time.
  • The charge solar charger appears to have failed and replacement parts will be installed soon.

  • I was at Big Bear this weekend and was able to de-duce the Link antenna has failed.
  • I was able to communicate with the radio on the Link channel when I was close to the site (4 miles away). The signals were weak but useable. Dont know the exact problem as there is still snow on the road and I cant get to the site yet.
  • It is likely the antenna and/or coax was damaged by falling ice during the winter storms.

  • Speaking of snow, Blue Ridge still has snow on the road and looks like it will be June before the road is passable.
Please post the above on the Rabbit site under "System News". Thanks, Emmett

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